Yuki Matsuri/Snow Festival in Sapporo Japan

Yes, it is cold but it is so worth going for the experience plus buildings in Hokkaido are built to withstand the cold so you will be nice and cosy inside.

I so enjoyed the weekend I spent at Yuki Matsuri, the annual snow festival, in Sapporo, a few years ago. Though I was slipping and sliding because I had not mastered walking on snow just yet, I had a great time wading through mounts of powdery snow. The snow festival is a great way to spend some time checking out Sapporo.

img_0545‘Cosying up’ to this huge snowman and the sign certainly summed up how I felt about being in Sapporo. As you can see I was well insulated and equipped to enjoy it all.

img_0540Where are my eyes? HAHA!

The ice sculptures on display were pretty engaging and realistic. One can walk for a good hour and not see all that is on show. There is something for everyone.

img_0495Oh yes this is all made of snow…incredible!

img_0488This one captivated me for a good while. The detail and realistic nature of it was just compelling.

img_0498This is art!

img_0513Yes, you may just see your favourite anime character on display.

img_0517Even Thomas was out to play that year.





The images below are carvings and they were rather intricate, sadly my camera did not do them justice.






After enjoying the freezing temps one can relax in any of the many hot springs around. The food is pretty good there too and a visit to the Shiroi Koibito Park is quite lovely and you can enjoy making chocolate delights here and of course buying omiyage/souvenirs for friends and family.

This is a pretty popular festival so as the start date approaches flights become more expensive and accommodations are usually sold out. It is worth planning in advance. I stayed at a Toyoko Inn there, my all time favourite Japanese low cost (for Japan) hotel chain. I need to dedicate a whole post to this hotel.These days there are a few low cost carriers that go to Sapporo: Vanilla AirJetstarPeach Aviation and Air Asia to name some of them. Other carriers such as ANA and JAL fly there of course.

This is another side of Japan that one can enjoy and add to the rich experience of visiting here. The Sapporo Beer Garden may be worth a stop if you enjoy beer and good food. I hear it is good and even if you are not a fan of beer, the food may be worth it.

I am a big fan of Sapporo and I especially enjoy how spacious it is compared to Tokyo since it is less inhabited. I hear it is pretty awesome all year round and the temperature is just right in summer. I need to visit again and enjoy a different season there. Ahhhh sweet memories…

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