Your Friends Don’t Travel, Go Solo

solo travel

Go solo if you have been thinking about it or your friends and family just can’t ravel with you for whatever reasons. I know, easier said than done. The thought of solo travel can be daunting,overwhelming, terrifying and just plain crazy!

If you have a burning in you to go see the world maybe it is time to do something about it. There are many resources on solo travel out here so take heart that others are doing this and enjoy their adventures. Hopefully they can give you a boost of courage to take the leap and start exploring on your own.

solo travel

Try these things to take the plunge for the first time:

1. Do a home stay. Again the internet is your friend. Find areas of interest where you can do a home stay. Read about other people’s experience, get in touch with some of them and get advice and such. Their are many people whose journey will motivate you to go solo too.
2. Sign up with an organisation and volunteer with them. In this way you know you have people looking out for you. Again, research those that are reputable and within your budget.
3. If you speak English and yearn to travel. Think about finding a job to teach English Abroad and go from there. There are loads of videos on YouTube of people of all ages teaching abroad. You may also need to think of expanding your friend circle so you can meet some people who will travel with you. There are many groups for the solo traveller on Facebook for example.

Go solo and embrace all you can. you will meet others, form friendships and more. These are my tips to get you pursuing your dream, scratching the travel itch and all that.Hope they help…

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