Working 9-5 and Feeding the Travel Bug

solo female traveller equals loose woman stereotype

Not everyone can afford to travel, this is unfortunate but true though others can budget to feed the travel bug.

feeding travel bug

There are many people who want to travel, have the means to travel from working hard 9-5 but are hampering their opportunities to explore our big wide world. I work a 9-5 and have been able to facilitate opportunities to travel and feed my travel bug by intentionally having my earnings work for me.

Some Tips on Budgeting to Feed the travel Bug

  • Decide on a place or places that you know you can realistically afford and set a timeline to save towards this.
  • Budget – Make a realistic one and stick to it. I put away sums of money from each pay cheque for travelling.
  • Keep your travel fund separate from other monies for expenses and savings
  • Set a certain amount for eating out and stick to it. It is so much cheaper to ‘eat out’ at home.
  • Don’t impulse shop. How many items of clothing and other stuff do we really need?
  • Take lunch to work. This is pretty cost effective. I treat myself to a day of buying lunch each week to balance things.
  • Get a cheaper phone plan. I watch videos at home using my internet and downgraded my old plan. I enjoy reading novels on my commute and there are loads of free kindle books.
  • Say no sometimes to spontaneous activities that others want you to join in that you didn’t budget for.
  • Get a part time or seasonal job if possible
  • Save your coins. I bought a 500 yen saving can/jar at the 100 yen store years ago. It has come in handy for pocket money on trips.
  • Meal prep for days or a week so you are not tempted to buy dinner when you are tired after a long day at work.
  • Write down the place or places you want to visit and research about what to see, do and where to stay among other things. This helps me to stay on track.
  • Do something you like doing each pay period that is not over the top expensive.
  • Do your own pedicure and manicures sometimes.
  • Do your own hair if you are handy like that.
  • Try not to follow every trend…stay away from YouTube vids that push products.
  • I am sure other people do many things that enable them to work 9-5 and live out their dreams of exploring different countries bit by bit. if you have any tips please share…

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