When Travel Takes You Home for a Funeral

2017, specifically August 31, 2017 is when my mom passed away.

I was in Jamaica with her and the family from August 7th to 27th. I left her in the hospital, she was my last stop before the airport. I knew I would be travelling back to Jamaica sooner than later. I was on a plane again heading to Jamaica on September 13th. I went to celebrate my mother’s life with my father, siblings,family and friends.

It’s surreal, it’s the new normal. It is bittersweet.
I am happy she is pain free, free from all that excruciating pain we watched her struggle with but could do nothing about. I miss her, we miss her so we treasure our memories and hold on tight to each other.

For the second time, in my time living abroad, travel took me home to lay a dear loved one to rest.
This too is a part of my sojourns. I feel a shift and only time can soothe this bereft feeling…

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