Victoria Falls Is Worth Experiencing

victoria falls

victoria falls

The things that still stand out in my mind from Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is amazing and worth a visit. It is really ‘the smoke that thunders’. That was one dream I enjoyed living.

I remember that day clearly, how I pinched myself just to check if I was really there, enjoying ‘the smoke that thunders’ in all its awesomeness. I was at Victoria Falls feeling it spew in all its glory!

There was that guide who was so kind and offered to take me around for a great view on the Zimbabwe side – thought he was up to something but the area was busy so I felt safe. Victoria Falls is on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. You may need two visas to enjoy both sides, do your research. Looking back his gentlemanly attitude stands out because he just wanted to show off this great treasure in his backyard. I felt that invisible bond that unites me with many people of my hue that I often meet…


Now as I think back I also remember those immigration officers at the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia who were oh so ultra nice when they realized I was from Jamaica and wanted to chat forever…good times.

There was also that policeman that reminded me so much of many a men I have met in Jamaica, with his ‘sweet mouth’, haha he thought he was slick but ain’t got nothing on those from ‘the land of my birth.’

Oh what a lovely time I had. There were those guys selling souvenirs who I bartered with for a 1 hundred trillion Zimbabwean note – I still have it lying about somewhere. The conversations I had, the joy I had, the camaraderie and rightness of it all…good times

As a dear friend often says, “what is my life?”

Make most of your time in the area

When I discovered that the hostel I stayed at had a tour to go to Chobe National Park for a one day safari, I jumped on it. it was very reasonable and it gave me a chance to do another safari in southern Africa. Since I did not need a visa for Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe I enjoyed the freedom to move across borders. Check to see if you need a visa to go to either Zambia or Zimbabwe to experience Victoria Falls.Both sides offer good value for money.

victoria falls

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