Unique travel experiences are just what each trip or sojourn offers to us who seek them. Yep, we can read, research and plan as much as we want but we can’t replicate other people’s experiences. That’s one of the great things about travelling -creating all those unique travel memories.

unique travel experiences
Looking up in Hong Kong netted this view

Here are 3 reasons why everyone has unique travel experiences:

Who We Are

We are from different countries, ethnicities, social groups and so on and these things influence the lens through which we view things in life and are keys to our unique travel experiences. How many times do you read reviews of destinations, get all excited, get there and are disappointed?

Unique travel Bloggers Share Subjectively

Yes, they do and that is they only way we can do this. Travel blogging is about sharing our sojourns from our perspectives which are influenced by all the things I mentioned before. I know may people who rave about several cities in Asia for example and are taken aback when I don’t share their enthusiasm. Check out my favourite cities in Asia. Remember this as you get caught up in other people’s adventures and be realistically expectant as I like to say.

unique travel experiences
The might Victoria Falls – seeing it was a dream come true

We Travel Differently

Someone may look like they are travelling as you plan to but you can never be sure it is 100% the same. He/she may have a totally different personality and jive with others accordingly or not eh. In essence, we are all different and that isn’t a bad thing; we just need to remember that person X is gonna ‘see’ a place in his or her own unique way.

There are many awesome travel sources in these internet streets, read, gain knowledge and prepare for your own unique travel experiences as you explore this big beautiful world.

Please share one of your memorable unique travel experiences…

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