Trip Planning: Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda

Malaria pills check.

yellow fever vaccine check.

Doubling checking hotel and safari costs check.

Securing money needed for the trip check.

Reading different forums, watching YouTube vids on my destinations check check check.

Mounting excitement check.

Can I say it is a pain (pun intended) to get the yellow fever vaccine here in Tokyo. Only a few places are allowed to offer it, it is only offered once a week for a few very specific hours and you need to call in and make an appointment in Japanese, the fee has to be paid on a separate floor of the building where the vaccine is administered and you need to have the exact amount because that’s how they do. It costs approximately 11,810 yen. It’s totally worth the hassle since it lasts a lifetime…

The malaria pills I will take are doxycycline, which I have taken before. I got them from my general practitioner  at Primary Care Tokyo. I paid 3,700+ for a 2 month supply.

I have my repellant with deet on board and I am almost set to jet off in a few weeks.

I am too excited about meeting new people, seeing new places, banking up new experiences, the seafood and the myriad of fruits that are the same as those we enjoy in Jamaica. I was over the moon when I found out there is jackfruit in Zanzibar. I really hope it is in season.

There is always some kind of hiccup in getting things sorted. Interestingly, I discovered that 100 and 50 USD notes are exchanged at a more favourable rate than other notes in these countries. It is so important to research thoroughly. I had to run back to the place where I bought dollars to get these notes and that process was tantamount to extracting water from stone but my intractability paid off as it so often does when dealing with people whose default is just to say no with no kind of logical reasoning to support said no smh.

I’m counting down the days and looking forward to escaping this metropolitan sauna for a few weeks, until then I keep researching and anticipating…

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