How to Enjoy Travelling While Paying off Debt.

travelling while paying off debt

Travelling while paying off debt may seem foolhardy but in life balance is important. Travelling doesn’t always mean jetting off to exotic locales that require spending thousands of dollars. Also, there are many ways to boost your income to facilitate your travels as I shared in this post.

travelling while paying off debt
Look at the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur Rising high above

You are focused on using your budget efficiently and paying off debt as soon as possible. As a result of this, you are not budgeting anything to travel to your dream destinations. If travelling is something you enjoy, shouldn’t you accommodate it in your budget, even once a year? Travelling while paying off debt is doable – plan for it.

Tips on How to Enjoy Travelling while Paying off Debt

First and foremost put some money away each month towards a reward trip to treat yourself. You can watch the price of tickets on Google Flights,Momondo, and many other sites.Do your research and do what you can afford using the money saved.

Next, plan a budget trip and stay at a hostel or even couchsurf. Read my tips on staying at hostels here.

Another thing you can do is to take short trips to nearby cities or towns. Change up your scenery, go camping, go hiking if it’s your thing or visit a friend or family member and sightsee in the place where he or she lives. Doing this will help you to keep motivated to pay off your debt, so you can start seeing the places you want to go to, that require more money.

Ok, so you don’t have any money to spare, that’s ok. Try to live vicariously through others and start a journal with ideas for your trips in the future. There is pretty much a Facebook group for all things travel related check some out and join one or a few.

Sometimes we just have to be patient in the season of paying off debts and comfort ourselves with our dreams as we plan for future adventures. Keep hope alive.

travelling while paying off debt
somewhere in Delhi on a blistering summer day

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