Wanderlust is calling and sometimes this means travelling on a whim. Is it really spontaneous though if you have been dreaming of experiencing this destination for a while? I tried fighting it but as a friend said the travel bug has bitten…

travel on a whim

It is an awesome blessing to be able to go with the flow and answer the call to spend 10 days building up my treasure trove of delightful memories. The one hold up is the long flight… a cumulative 16 hours or so but go I shall. The budgeter in me would not allow me to just pick up and go though. I had to make sure of the following:

1. I would not need to dip into my emergency savings.

2. I would be able to cover the full cost of the trip with cash by the time I fly off in a bit over a month.

3. I have a realistic budget to enjoy what I want to at the location – I have been reading different blogs and such frantically over the last few days, cause I am a planner even when travelling on a whim.

4. I have peace spending this amount of money, without planning before – because I know myself.

This trip is a gift to myself that I am blessed enough to do – what is my life? This decision to travel on a whim, at this time, is a bit of self care because I just need to be in a different space for a wee little while. 2017 threw some stuff at me and I need a break from my norm before facing 2018.

I am off to research some more and revel in the wonderful excitement, that is getting ready for a sojourn in a new environment.

travel on a whim

Thanks to all of you checking out my post, much appreciated.

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