Every destination has those little nooks where we can travel off the beaten path and discover unique experiences. I enjoy wandering and getting lost which means finding these awesome and hidden spaces. Sometimes while researching a destination some of these places will crop up while others you unearth as you drift around there. Also some of these places make the travel experience that much richer. This is a perk of not pre-planning a crazy tight sightseeing schedule. Travel off the beaten path – add that to the schedule.

What are some places you have discovered off the beaten path in popular locations you have travelled to?

Pulau Ubin, Singapore

travel off the beaten path
Many sites people visit in Singapore are famous and worthy of visiting for sure. On a trip there in December 2016, my friend who lives there suggested going to check out Pulau Ubin. It is a nice escape into nature and a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Additionally, for nature lovers it is rather lush and has a variety of plants and animals. You may see a wild boar tearing into food someone left on their bike like we did. Furthermore, for those who want to work off some extra holiday pounds there is much walking to be done around the island to help with this.

You can rent bicycles and explore the island at leisure. There are many fresh fruits to be enjoyed. A nice cold drink from a fresh coconut after exploring is just the thing to complete the experience. The few local people on the island are friendly and keen on chatting with you. You can also enjoy going for a long walk above the sea and seeing aquatic life when there is low tide. It is a great way to spend a half a day.

There is a great hawker centre right by the ferry where the boat to Pulau Ubin docks. The food is really tasty and there is a good variety as well – travel off the beaten path in Singapore for the win! Oh! food in Singapore is also so, so good.

travel off the beaten path

Is Singapore on your list of places to visit?

Travel off the beaten path and enjoy these top three perks:

1. unique photo opportunities without waiting for others to get away so you can get the right shot.
2. great local eateries and other shops not featured in travel guides
3. crowd free places especially in peak season

What other perk does travelling off the beaten perk provides?

Safety First When Wandering off the Beaten Path

The best time to do this is in the day and it is important to stay alert. Avoid desolate streets as much as possible and pay attention to the path/s you take. Much depends on where you are visiting, research and ensure it is a safe place to drift around especially if travelling solo.

What are some countries where you feel safe wandering off the beaten path?

travel off the beaten path

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2 thoughts on “Travel Off the Beaten Path on Your Sojourns”

  1. I love wandering round the streets with no destination in mind. You always seem to find a city’s hidden treasures that you would not have seen if you hadn’t as you said, travelled off the beaten path.

    Whether I plan my itinerary beforehand or not, depends on the trip, how long I’m going to be there and who I am going with. But I do love going in with no plan and being able to take my time and just wander around the city, as long as I still get to see what I wanted to see in the city.

    1. Girl wandering is just the thing and I totally agree about getting to see what you want to see. I just don’t want to see everything in one trip and just get exhausted ugh. So many things to discover drifting endlessly around…thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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