Top 3 Excuses for not Travelling the African Continent

excuses for not travelling the African continent

The top 3 excuses for not travelling the African Continent include some good reasons and others.

excuses for not travelling the African continent

It’s Expensive

The airline tickets are expensive, is a refrain you hear. This is often true. From Tokyo an economy class ticket in summer starts at around $1300. That is the most expensive bit. Once you get there you can go to a few countries by bus and stay in hostels or affordable hotels. Travelling to a few cities across Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda for a month was $1,500.This included 24 nights in mid range hotels. I met people at one hostel who told me they were visiting several cities for $25 dollars a day. To be fair some activities such as safaris and activity sports add to the expense. This excuse for not travelling the African Continent is valid but with intentional planning and budgeting this is not impossible.

The Shots Needed are Expensive and not Covered by Health Insurance

You need some shots to visit places in Africa of course. Some of these are the same for visiting some countries in South America and other places. Here is another excuse for not the travelling African Continent. Shots are necessary, some like the yellow fever shot last for years and others you only need once. Malaria pills run from cheap to very expensive. I paid $35 for a month’s supply.These add to the expense for sure. How about cutting back on something and saving for this? Some of these fears are valid of course. The continent that is stereotyped as being a health hazard, with everything from HIV pandemics to Ebola outbreaks cause many to think a disease will surely attack them if they land on the continent.

excuses for not travelling the African Continent

It’s not Safe

Safety is a big issue and it is a human right. Headlines like this one helps to shape the view that the entire continent is scary. Some places are dangerous, true but others are as safe as New York City, London, Sydney and the like. There are some great resources by bloggers who love parts of the continent. Helen in Wonderlust is one that is insightful. She shares many useful tips and I love how she loves the continent.

excuses for not travelling the African continent

Excuses for not Travelling the African Continent:Only Applicable to this Continent

Are you dreaming of visiting the African continent some day? What’s stopping you? Is it money, the shots, safety issues or something else? I am preparing for a trip to some places in South America in the future. Many of the costs are the same as travelling in parts of Africa. I don’t hear these excuses where visiting the former is concerned. I wish more people would go and see it is not as pricey as they think. There are cities and communities that are not more dangerous that where many of us live.

It is a personal choice, but are reasons just excuses for not travelling the African Continent?

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    1. Yes, unfortunately. It feels like everything is done to diss the continent and little done to highlight the greatness of the diverse countries there. A brand need to sponsor me and send me there multiple times. I am speaking this into being.