Things Nobody Mentions About Ubud, Bali

Things nobody mentions about ubud bali

There are things nobody mentions about Ubud,Bali. I think I read a few hundred blog posts before visiting but no one mentioned some pretty important things that may affect certain people.

1. The numerous steep steps up and down the path to the Tegenungan Waterfall

things nobody mentions about ubud

The fall is beautiful and mentioned by everyone as one of the things to experience in Ubud. I highly agree. It makes me sad that nobody mentions the steep steps and the challenge it may be for those who are unfit or have problems that prevent them from doing what may be strenuous. Many people need to stop multiple times to catch their breath while climbing up from the fall. This coupled with the heat means one needs to prepare for this as needed.

2. Exploring the Tegallalang Rice Terraces Requires a Steep Climb Back up if you go Down

things nobody mentions about ubud bali

The terraces are beautiful and really something to behold. It is also great to walk up and down and throughout different sections. For people with knee problems for example climbing back up the steep steps may be a challenge. Prepare accordingly. Everyone shares the beautiful pictures but nobody mentions this.

3. The number of People Smoking Everywhere in Town

My idea of Ubud is a chill place with lots of greenery and everything is so fresh and relaxing. Much of this is true. It is a pity nobody mentions how many people just smoke everywhere in town. I still can’t wrap my head around people smoking in front of their temples – I guess it’s a cultural difference. I got a cold while there and had to ask so many people serving me in different capacities to put out their cigarettes. It was interesting too that once when I was cashing out at a convenience store the clerk asked if I didn’t want cigarettes.

4. How Developed Ubud Town is

I was surprised to see Starbucks, Dairy Queen and Polo shops in the town centre. I was expecting a quaint little town with mostly local eateries and shops. Haha, it was a pleasant surprise and I did visit Starbucks with a friend to bask in the air condition while we caught up. These are not bad things, I just did not expect them. This means though that Ubud town centre is very ‘touristy’ which should be another post.

things nobody mentions about ubud bali

Ubud is a great place to visit. If you want to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that it is often mentioned, I recommend staying outside of the town. Your money goes far here and the people are oh so lovely.

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    1. I understand how you feel and that is why I don’t consider it as the perfect destination for everyone. I was really annoyed by the amount of smoking.