I was chatting to a friend recently and she was terribly surprised to find out that I plan some trips as early as a year in advance (trip planning on 100). She was looking at me like I was an alien LOL!. I guess I am a bit much in that regard but I take my sojourns seriously, especially if I am travelling somewhere I have been saving up and dreaming about visiting for like forever…

Trip Planning
Visuals are always nice so let me drop this here

Here are some reasons why I am a big fan of trip planning way in advance – I guess you can tell I am kinda, somewhat organised.

Trip Planning Long Term Helps me to Stay Debt Free

I am allergic to debt so I prefer salivating over a desired destination for years and saving up bit by bit to enjoy it debt free. There is nothing like knowing your vacay is all paid up. I occupy myself with researching, reading blogs and learning about the destination. This all enriches the experience.

Trip Planning Allows you to be Educated About the Destination

I really enjoy delving into a variety of content about the places I am planning to explore. It truly is like falling down the rabbit hole. I read just about anything I can access and focus on things like scams, areas to be weary of and any quirks particular to the destination.Every little kernel of information helps to facilitate a smoother trip. This practice has paid off time and time again – whether I research for a year or a few months in advance.

Trip Planning
Let me drop this here…Pulau Ubin, Singapore

Trip Planning Allows me to Track Airfares to a Destination

At this moment I am planning my trip to a few places in South America next summer. I am looking at what the fares look like now and will watch what happens with them over the next few months. I am already starting to put together a realistic budget for that trip. I am a planner and it never fails me I tell you.I am not the get up and go type so this works awesomely for me.

Trip Planning
Ironic much, pic from Bali, the trip I didn’t plan much

Self-Discipline is Great and Trip Planning Helps with this

I mean trip planning helps with everything from deciding on a budget for a trip, managing the budget, buying flights, booking hotels and everything else. It means I am intentional about where I am going and setting myself up to enjoy it fully given my propensity not to like surprises. I don’t do many YOLO trips just because they aren’t my preference.

Do I ever turn up to a destination and seek lodging on the spot? No, No – I like combing thru the reviews and comparing reviews on a variety of sites.

Do I ever decide on a whim while at a destination what I will see on a given day? Yes, though I always have a list of things I want to see but I don’t put them in any set order.

Do I ever change plans while on a long trip? Yes, if I am not feeling the place, I sure do. I remember, I had originally planned to spend a week in Nairobi but it got on my nerves after three days. Google to the rescue. I spent a few hours and found an escape and a hotel and whoosh I was outta there. I could do this because I had already researched about areas near to Nairobi in my months of trip planning. I was able to enjoy the slower pace of Kisumu.

Do I ever just chill out and do nothing when I get to a destination? For sure, I do this, it is included in the plan haha.

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