The not so Glamourous Parts of Travelling

So yeah, I just got back from living a dream and exploring the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater among other things, jet lag is real, I wish I could get used to it already…

You know we laud the merits of globe trotting and enjoying new experiences and so on but no one seems to talk about the down side of travelling.

I have a love hate relationship with flying especially those patches of turbulence that sometimes make your life flash before your eyes. I do some real good praying when I fly. Real good

Before one gets off the ground there can be so many hassles. Why is it that the people who check in passengers never seem to have all the necessary relevant information at hand? Are only people from certain developed nations supposed to fly? Can you imagine me waltzing up to the ground staff and passing them my Jamaican passport to only have the young miss say, “you know you will need to get a visa on arrival in Tanzania.” Say what I thought, this lady has obviously not done her homework. Thankfully, it wasn’t a case where she thought I had needed a visa before being allowed to board the flight or I would have probably missed that flight. SIGH. I did not bother engaging with such ignorance and kept it moving because one thing this girl has learnt from travelling on a passport where a visa is required more often than not, is to research, research and call the relevant embassies when info online conflict. PHEW!

It got even better. When I was leaving Kenya, the immigration officer asked me if I had not needed a visa for the country. You know I had to stop and stare at her for a moment and scold her for not doing due diligence for such a key thing in her job. HA HA she kinda got mad but what was she to do but give me my exit stamp and send me on my way.

The annoying guy beside me on one flight, who decided to play his videos without ear phones just made me shake my head, kiss my teeth and bide my time to get off, him yawning every minute and having halitosis did not help at all. Shout out to my ear phones and the blanket form the plane which helped me stay sane.

Then there was the instance when I was on my way back here and another female immigration officer in Uganda decided that my contact lens liquid was too big for my carryon. Say what, after I had gone through countless other screenings, she was bright enough to say I have to throw it away. I just demanded to speak to her supervisor who had more sense and told me to ignore her.

As you land everybody trying to rip you off…some crazy prices people quote for normal things and services, I just gave many side eyes and walked away. I really hope tourist don’t go through this in Jamaica. All was well when I went around since I blended in but when I spoke all bets were off and I instantly became another foreign money dispensing machine chi chink chink chink…NOT!

Then there was the epic encounter where I had to tell off the owner of one hostel in Nairobi and change to another hotel. So happy Uber is there and I could get a driver to whisk me away…that saga deserves its own post and I won’t call any names because I am not about blighting anyone’s business.

Yeah, so, there are many little things that one could dwell on and let that spoil the experience but I just take them and weave them into the fabric of the larger experience and dwell on the great things, the epiphanies, the things that caused me to grow to be a better human being and such…

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