The Edo- Tokyo Museum: one of my favourites

This museum is worth a visit for all who visit Tokyo and are into museums and such. It is a favourite of mine and I was reminded of why I like it when I visited with a friend last Saturday.

It details well Tokyo’s evolution from what it was during the Edo era to the opening up of Japan during the Meiji Era. I really like the fact that there are personal voluntary guides on the 6th floor – who speak a variety of languages – who take you through the section on the Edo period and explain many things that you would not have understood without such assistance.

The effort and thought that went into the objects shown, the model Nihonbashi bridge, the animated/moving displays and many other elements mak it more interesting and captivating. It doesn’t hurt that one has a fantastic view of Tokyo Skytree from the steps at the entrance – great for those into taking selfies.

I am sure kids would enjoy going to this museum as well and I saw many kids who seemed to be having a good time there.

It is great to relive experiences that you had forgotten and doing so with different friends. This one was well worth it.

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