Teaching in Japan

Japan teaching jobs

Are you thinking of teaching in Japan? Read on for more information to get you started.

English teaching jobs as an ALT

You can work as an assistant language teacher (ALT) in public schools at any level from kindergarten to high school. I highly recommend The Jet Programme. I was a ‘JET’ ALT for a number of years and it was a great way to ease into life in Japan. it is competitive but worth going after.

There are other private companies that recruit ALTS abroad of which Interac is the biggest. It is not as advantageous as the Jet Programme so bear that in mind.

One website that advertises teaching jobs and others in Japan is GaijinPot. You can also search for jobs that recruit from abroad to get workers to come and teach in Japan.

English teaching jobs in Eikaiwa/Conversation Schools

There are quite a number of conversation schools in Japan that offer lessons in English and some other languages to students. The ages of students in these schools range from babies to people at any age wanting to study English or other languages. These jobs are great for people who may want more autonomy but much depends on the school. Look at the jobs advertised on GaijinPot and you will see some advertised there. Berlitz, Shane’s, and Aeon are three of the big ones. (I don’t endorse any of these, just sharing information, do your research and trust your gut.)

Japan teaching jobs

Teaching jobs for People with Teacher Training from their Home Countries

‘Japan teaching jobs’ seem to be synonymous with only teaching English. Teaching jobs do exist in Japan for qualified teachers from abroad. The first place to look are at vacancies at international schools which may often be through one of the recruiters who operate in this sphere.

The IB Programme is being offered by more and more schools across Japan. This means that schools offering the programme in English hire teachers in a range of subject areas. If you are flexible and open to live anywhere in Japan you may be able to access such opportunities. Many schools advertise on GaijinPot so, it is best to be in Japan since face to face interviews are the norm. There are more schools embarking on this programme every year which is exciting for those people with the relevant qualifications.

The salaries offered by different schools are often competitive and sufficient for the average single person or small family even. I know quite a people who fall into both groups with whom I now work or have worked with prior.

Japan Teaching jobs at Universities

This is a great site for see some job postings. I am not as knowledgeable about procuring a job at a university but they do exist.

Japan Association for Language Teaching is a great place to check out information on teaching at different levels in Japan and there is also a ‘job available’ space with vacancies

I hope this is helpful. If you have other questions drop me an email at explore@kimsglobalsojourn.com.