Teach English Abroad in Asia and Travel

It is great to travel and have new experiences but the cost adds up fast.

Do you dream of exploring the world?

Ok, maybe not the world per se but some countries that have been calling out to you for months, years even.

Many people use the myriad of opportunities available in many countries across the globe to teach abroad, work, save and travel. They may travel around the particular country where they work, to nearby countries are far flung ones too.

I don’t have teaching qualifications you say but guess what, there are many positions that do not require special qualifications for teaching English…astounding right?

I saw this lovely animal on my safari adventure in the Serengeti

Some Countries Where You Can Teach English Abroad in Asia With Just About Any Degree



There are many avenues that can be utilized to teach English Abroad in Japan. A quick google search will yield many results for teaching anyone from kids to adults. Do your due diligence and read up on the different companies. Bear in mind that at certain times of the year many of the jobs may only be open to people already in the country. There are some companies that recruit abroad. They usually start recruiting around October because the school year starts in April.

Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

I have never worked in any of these countries but I know from numerous people I have met, who have worked in these countries that there are thriving industries with many opportunities are available to teach English in these places.One key difference I have garnered about teaching in the countries above is that in some cases additional qualifications such as TEFL, TESOL OR CELTA may be needed – plan accordingly. Note that Korea has a strict group of countries whose members may be eligible to teach English abroad there.


Many people have enjoyed teaching abroad in Asia – even moved around different countries in the region to do so-in many cases you just ned a first degree in just about any subject area to fulfil visa requirements. You may even find it is your calling.

Can you really afford to travel on the salary?

I know quite a lot of people here in Japan from a variety of countries who do this, pay student loans in some cases, pay daily expenses and do some travelling. There are some positions that may offer a housing allowance and also if you live in the countryside or a small city you can save quite a bit.

I say just be intentional and google jobs, update your resume and be positive. Is it necessary for English to be your mother tongue? Much depends on what country you are from and the colour of your skin in some case – I am keeping it real. This does not mean you will be discriminated against as a default because of your skin colour, ethnicity etc. I say do not put your eggs in one basket and be open-minded yourself.

Living in Japan for the last little while has opened my eyes to many things, helped me to grow and facilitated my desire to travel to some great places both here and abroad. I started off teaching English on the JET Programme and have been able to go on to use my teaching degrees to work as a licensed teacher in schools here.

I say go for it, come teach English abroad in Asia.

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  1. This is a great post! I had a professor that would constantly advise us to teach English abroad. This post shines light on things I never thought of like having the credentials or living off of the salary. Something to think about for sure!

  2. One of my life long dreams is to travel to Japan. And I follow a lot of YouTubers that live in Japan that are not natives, and most of them go that route.

    1. Thanks for the feedback and I am flattered you want to share my post. Please go ahead. I am off to check out your site and will request to join your FB page too.