Travel on a Whim

travel on a whim

Wanderlust is calling and sometimes this means travelling on a whim. Is it really spontaneous though if you have been dreaming of experiencing this destination for a while? I tried fighting it but as a friend said the travel bug has bitten… It is an awesome blessing to be able to go with the flow […]

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Falling in love with visa free countries

visa free countries

2016 is coming to a close and one firm decision I took this year was to explore visa free countries that have reciprocity with Jamaica – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Singapore – and allow visa free access for tourism purposes. I have set myself free from being in love with things in countries that do […]

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Travelling: My Serious Hobby

Haha, I was having a chat with a Japanese colleague recently and of course we started chatting about what we will be doing for the break. Since, I have not been at this school a very long time she did not know that I spend a good chunk of my resources going to visit places […]

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