My Travel Sheet and I

travel essential

My travel essential is my trusty sheet. It’s nothing fancy but it is clean, is my sheet, my core travel essential. Why do you need a travel sheet you ask? Let me count its many ways: 1. I have germaphobe tendencies so it gives me peace of mind. It is a travel essential because after […]

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Top 3 Excuses for not Travelling the African Continent

excuses for not travelling the African continent

The top 3 excuses for not travelling the African Continent include some good reasons and others. It’s Expensive The airline tickets are expensive, is a refrain you hear. This is often true. From Tokyo an economy class ticket in summer starts at around $1300. That is the most expensive bit. Once you get there you […]

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Budget Travel by Bus Around Eastern Africa


Budget travel by bus around eastern Africa is a great way to see some bits of how the locals live. Last summer I finally went to a few places in east Africa and used the bus in my budget travels there. The trip started in Dar es Salaam and ended in Kampala. I stopped at […]

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