Step Out and Do Some Things Even When Less than Confident

Do somethings feeling less than confident

Step out in faith – do some things when less than confident

You hear “that faith without works is dead” but do you really apply this to your life?
I know we don’t always put our faith into action.
As I was reflecting recently, I realised that there are many things I do with the mindset that the outcome will be negative.
I am always humbled and amazed when the opposite happens and I am reminded that I have little faith.

Do some things when feeling less than confident

Do some things when you feel less than confident and soar or sometimes you fail but you never lose because there is always a lesson there.
Are you worried that you may fail? Well you may soar or learn a weakness than you can channel into a strength.

I am learning in every season of life to do some things even when less confident because I gain so much by putting myself out there.
Life has no guarantees and we really have to fall as we learn to climb to new heights and take hold of new opportunities.

do some things when less than confident

Reality is reality so sometimes the fall is hard and tough; humiliation comes and we feel we will never try again but we gotta try anyway.
You know why? Success is sweet and even a little empowers you and as time goes by the hurt from those falls truly diminish.

You owe it to yourself to do somethings especially when less than confident.

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