img_20160105_015059One day I visited a church here in Tokyo I had wanted to visit for years and years and years. I met a most wonderful, ‘sunshiny’ and dear girl from the splendid isle of Sri Lanka.

We became friends of course and when she decided to head back home and extended an invitation, I went not once but twice and I am pretty sure I will go again in the future.

Warmth on many different levels enfolded me there. Her family, her friends, her church community, her dog – haha- the food, the atmosphere…

I was there in summer and I was there in December and I just felt at peace and like I was home. There is so much to see and do.

I reminisce…


It’s such a great feeling to deplane somewhere and be embraced by the entire experience. Oh New Year’s Eve service at church and the joy of everyone setting off fireworks and having fun into the wee hours of the morning…

Meeting strangers who have become friends, just precious.

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