Nope, I am not spending all my savings on travelling. I am able to truly relax while travelling because I know I am not going into debt to do so nor am I using all my funds.

spending all my savings to travel
Shibuya, Tokyo

I will not be spending all my savings on travelling ever though I enjoy seeing the world. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t either:

Balance in Everything is Good

I am sure there are many things we all enjoy. Travelling has a way of reaching in and taking over your life. You can easily be caught up in the cycle of planning a trip, saving up for it, then enjoying the trip all the while thinking of the next one and such. Why can’t we just enjoy each stage and savour it. I find delayed gratification is that much sweeter. Macchu Picchu has been calling to me now for a few years but I have to have my money right, to enjoy some good time in Peru and not give in to anxiety. I am excited by the prospect of not having to pinch pennies too, too much when I do get there. WOOT! WOOT!

Don’t rush it and dip into your savings. Plan, save, plan and save some more for each trip and all the other necessities in your life, so every area is getting its due.

spending all my savings on travelling
Mt. Fuji, such a beauty

Don’t Buy into the Hype

I tell you, if you follow enough travel bloggers and vloggers on social media you will want to sell your everything to hit the road full time. Don’t do it unless you get the calling to the digital nomad lifestyle. I wish more people spoke of the struggles of saving up for years and travelling for years. This works for many it seems but is it for you? Only you can decide. Those awesome pictures in exotic locales will get you every time. Hold your horses and leave your hard earned monies alone – just some friendly advice from someone who is balancing travelling a bit with saving a bit.

Be realistic, who works to spend all their savings on one thing?

Certainly not me, no, no I am not spending all my blood sweat and tears on only travelling, nope won’t do it. You know your budget as well as your disposable income, stay on track. I practice self-discipline multiple times a week. I check out flights, hotels and the like for a desired travel location then reconcile them with my budget. If it is a squeeze it means I need to wait a bit more.

These are just some suggestions for someone who may come along and need them. Happy travels and the happiest ones are those that incur no debt and don’t put a dent into your savings for other expenses…

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