4 Valuable Lessons from My Solo Travels

Solo travel lessons

Solo travel lessons are some of the most valuable souvenirs I have taken home from my sojourns. I started solo travelling because I wanted to go to certain places. Unfortunately, those nearest and dearest either couldn’t afford it or weren’t interested.My desire to explore different lands, experience different cultures and soak up rich and diverse sceneries means the solo travel life came and got me. I now go with its flow and embrace all the wonderful solo travel lessons of the past. I also anticipate those wonderful lessons awaiting me in the future too.

solo travel lessons

Four of my Many Solo Travel Lessons from my Sojourns:

solo travel lessons
watching the hustle on the lake side in Kisumu, Kenya

1. Prepare Effectively to Maximize Your Travels

This first solo travel lesson is something I learned while visiting Delhi. I travelled in northern India for three weeks and had researched well on Rajasthan and Agra. I however, had not researched much about sightseeing in Delhi because it was my resting place to get rid of some of the jet lag and take it easy before the real travels began – I was so naive back then. It all enriches the experience. I could have had a richer experience in Delhi and been less confused if I had prepared a bit more.

2. Allow Time to Just Be

Go with the flow. I travel during breaks from school so these are my vacation times as well. A major solo travel lesson for me is just going slow, taking it easy, lounging with a book or simply people watching. It is great to take a day or more off and just sit in a cafe or small restaurant and observe how the natives do life. Sleep in, miss breakfast, nap, unplug from the online world, be.

solo travel lessons

3. Safety first, be on your Guard

Don’t get caught up into the niceness of everyone. Find the balance of seeing the good in others and discerning those who mean you no good. Try not to be paranoid but don’t be naive either.

4. Major Solo Travel Lesson: You are Never Alone

Well, unless you chose to be mega antisocial and not talk to anyone. I always chat with staff at the lodgings where I stay, people at restaurants, taxi drivers and others. I enjoy knowing about the people in the places where I travel so I am always looking for opportunities to chat. Though I may go somewhere without knowing anyone that is easily rectified. I am thinking of the lovely lady I met at the hotel where I stayed in Nairobi. We were chatting at length many mornings before I went off on my adventures and we still keep in touch.

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