Solo travel : 5 Suggestions to deal with fears

Deciding on solo travel, especially for may women can be rather daunting given the perceived dangers that seem to lie around every corner of our world. After travelling to over 20 countries, by myself and not running into any problems – different to those I face a home – I am sharing these tips to help someone who is afraid to take the plunge and solo travel to far away lands or even those nearer to home.

These Tips Helps Me to Combat Fears while Solo Travelling

1. Plan your trip carefully

Read all the great resources you can find on where you want to visit. Visit different forums, do a google search on things you worry about and read blog posts by some of the many travellers who may have written about their experiences visiting these places.

solo travel
     First solo travel trip and an addiction was born

2. Give yourself adequate time to make your itinerary

Decide where you want to visit and for how long. Read about the travel warnings, necessary vaccinations, popular tourist scams, areas to avoid and so on. Know how you will get around and arm yourself with particular bits of knowledge of particular places to visit and where not to venture. Find a safe place to stay that has good reviews across different platforms and adequate security for the area.

solo travel                                                                               Solo dolo in Cairo

3. Know that you can do group tours

You can join a group tour in many countries you visit and meet other visitors who you can hang out with and even become long life friends. You can also do private guided tours with reputable companies, volunteer with an organization (if you have much time) or do a homestay in some countries.

solo travel                                                      Solo travel dream come to life in Jerusalem

4. Don’t buy into the media hype

Many places are just as safe as home and even safer in some cases. Again, read blogs of people who have visited recently and other points of view. Take the necessary precautions especially at night and be just as wary of strangers as you would be anywhere. Also get travel insurance and check in daily with family and friends. Let them know all about your flights, accommodations and your full itinerary. This should have been the first point since it is the most important…

solo travel                                                   Solo Shenanigans in Pisa, Italy

5. Stay at Hostels

I find hostels to be great places to meet other solo travellers or just travellers who are often willing to embrace others. I find staying in a dorm room to be pretty effective for this. Even if you don’t form deep and long lasting friendships you learn so much and often will have at least one companion for a day or so. Some of my best memories are of just staying up chatting with the people I met in my dorm room.

solo travel
Enjoying the solo travel life in Zanzibar


If you fear travelling alone/solo travel start with a brief trip in your country and see how it goes or start with a country that is perceived to be ‘stable’. All the best with your travels. There is nothing like solo travel to me because I love my space and going at my own pace.

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