So, are there churches in Japan?

For sure they are… and if you live in or near to Tokyo you don’t have to look very far and quite a few operate in both English and Japanese.

You can get your praise on and if you want to engage in communal worship on Saturday or Sunday, yup you’ve got that choice too.

I get my praise on at Tokyo Baptist Church near to good ole Shibuya – if you are interested have a look and check out the youth site tbc next generation. I am actually knocking out this quick post before I go to set up the PPT for the youth service at 5:30 today, cause I am inspired. We have quite a few services: Saturdays at 7pm, Sundays at 9 am, 11 am, 1:30 pm and 5:30 pm.

It’s my oasis in the desert as it were since I get to interact with so many people from so many places in Japan and the world. We all come together to celebrate, encourage each other and worship the one we adore…good times.

Another great thing I enjoy is my small group from church, where we study the word, pray, chat for hours, laugh, eat and just be there for our members. We literally spend 3-4 hrs most Saturdays building each other up …good times I tell you. I blogged about it over at the tbc next generation site, just click on blogs if you want to see what I talk about over there.

Yea, ok, back to churches here. Google is your friend. I have lived in three prefectures/states in Japan and I have always found a church to worship at. I also know many fellow committed Christians here in other prefectures who have loving church homes where they live. It is amazing how the Lord makes a way. Our father cares about everything.

There is a great group JCF (Japan Christian Fellowship) started by some people who were on the JET Programme a few years ago. There are some great retreats that they host all over Japan each year and Bible study on skype and so on. The Facebook group is a closed one so comment here if you are interested in getting in on it.

So yes, there are churches that are vibrant and filled with wonderful people seeking to be better everyday, right here on this wonderful isle called Japan.

I’m lifting up the name of Jesus…

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