Today is terribly hot and humid in Tokyo. I am having flashbacks of the very rude awakening I had in Europe (2013). I am still in a state of disbelief that several lodgings in some big cities don’t have air conditioning.
no air conditioning in Europe

The Hotel in Rome

It was the heart of summer when I landed and all I wanted to do was to check into the hotel, shower and cool down in the air con. What air conditioning? I got to my room and was embraced by the heat and humidity. Imagine my disappointment when there was no air con to be found. There was not even a fan! Then and there I learnt that it is important to research everything when you travel…everrrything.

I had expected that every big city in developed countries would provide this basic necessity. It isn’t a necessity but you know when you are spoilt and have all these expectations and such #firstworldproblems

no air conditioning in Europe

The Hotel in Paris

By the time I got to Paris, I had been blessed with air conditioning in my hostel rooms in Florence, Prague, Budapest and Krakow. I was on a roll and thought the place in Rome was an exception.

Here we go again, no air conditioning in the hotel in Paris. This one threw me for a loop because this was the hotel that I had loosened my purse strings for. I was not happy but there is always that lining to the dark cloud.

no air conditioning in Europe

The people who did housekeeping and food preparation looked like me. Our eyes met and we smiled and started chatting. I explained my predicament and one lady secured a fan from somewhere – lifesaver.

no air conditioning in Europe

Why air conditioning is not prevalent in Europe

I was told that the summers are usually mild – apparently I had brought the heat with me from Tokyo haha- and short so having air conditioning is wasteful. This does wonders for the environment and should be lauded though in the heat of the moment I missed the sweet cooling air.

no air condition in Europe

Have you ever been shocked while travelling because you did not find something you had been expecting?

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  1. Nice pictures! I would say summer used to be mild , right now since 2 or 3 years , we are experiencing some heat wave

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