Self Care and Solo Travel Work Well Together

Self care is a priority. Time away alone with my thoughts in a new environment or ones tried and true is just perfection.

self care

The best trips I have taken – 90%- have been by myself and they have been filled with nothing but bliss. I learnt after my third trip with an acquaintance who had heard about my trip and piggybacked on it, that for me solo travel is where peace, relaxation and true leisure reside.

I go to see, do, be and be some more. There is nothing like waking up in a new place with no agenda, wandering around, talking to the natives, people watching, getting lost and taking breaks at random places to refresh myself. The camera often stays luxuriating in my bag while I soak up the experiences in the present and let them feed my soul, rejuvenate me and lift my cares away for a bit. This is why I get away…

self care while travelling

I mix sightseeing of some known and unknown places with just being free and fanciful. I learnt early on that this works for me,  no one depending on me to guide him/her, no fussing to meet schedules and rushing to see everything, nope, not me.

I am looking forward to my summer get away to Eastern Africa.

I am anticipating the buzz of people living lives, laughing out loud and free and just being.

I am salivating for the fresh seafood, vegetables and tropical fruits – the latter which I may not be able to access here and for those which I can, come at a terrifyingly expensive price.

For me, solo travel is just what is ordered and I aim to take regular dosages to keep me in my optimal state.

To wake up and just be. There lies peace.

How do you incorporate self care in your life? Is travelling a part of self care for you too?

self care


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