Plan and Save Long -Term for Dream Trips

save long term for dream trips

I plan and save long-term for dream trips – this is my modus operandi for certain more expensive trips.

Some Practical Tips

Make a budget and stick to it
There are many apps for budgeting and YouTube videos on this subject. Dave Ramsey shares much about how to start budgeting. I find budgeting is a great way to save long-term for dream trips. I did this to facilitate my trips to southern Africa, eastern Africa and for a trip to some countries in South America in the future. These trips are pricey because of the expense flying there plus doing things like a safari. I save a bit each month towards such trips.

save long-term for dream trips

Research and save realistic amounts
Use the waiting time to check and recheck airfares, prices for activities, local transportation costs, health insurance and other costs to save smart. For some people to save long- term for dream trips means 1 year while for others it may be ten years. I use my waiting time to read travel forums and blogs about the location. I also stay in hostels to help keep costs down. A private room in a hostel is often reasonable for those who do not like dorm rooms.

save long term for dream trips

Plan and Save Long Term for Dream Trips by Combining Locations
I am actively budgeting to go to South America so that I can experience Machu Picchu. It is over $1,500 for a round trip ticket to get there. I always want to get as much as I can for my money so I will go to the region when I have a long break for summer.This is something that works for me. I will spend a few days experiencing some places in the region. My tentative itinerary are Bogotá, Cali, Quito, Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu. I will be able to research each intended location thoroughly and prepare well for when I get there.Not everyone can travel for a month but if you can get the time off it is worth it.

Put that dream trip in your budget and save what you can for it each month. Watch your fund grow and your dreams become reality.

save long term for dream trips

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  1. We’re currently doing this for a trip to England in the fall. Food-wise, shopping at the local grocery stores can save food money as well.