June:The tax man cometh

Well he or she shows up every month to get income tax, unemployment, health and pension but June can be brutal like a meteoroid falling from the sky and leaving devastation in its wake. The inhabitants/residence tax will shock the living daylights out of anyone who did not know of its existence. Many a newcomer […]

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Victoria Falls Is Worth Experiencing

victoria falls

The things that still stand out in my mind from Victoria Falls Victoria Falls is amazing and worth a visit. It is really ‘the smoke that thunders’. That was one dream I enjoyed living. I remember that day clearly, how I pinched myself just to check if I was really there, enjoying ‘the smoke that […]

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Preparing for my Trip to Eastern Africa

Trip to Serengeti

I enjoy researching and planning trips quite a bit. Since, I often travel by myself I always take months to thoroughly read blogs, travel forums and the like about my destination/s to ensure that I can enjoy my trip and be safe. I will be exploring bits and pieces of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. These […]

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