No Visa For You!

You are now ready to take your sojourn to a new place that has been calling out to you on your list. Since you have been researching about this destination for a good little while, you know you need a visa. That magical document that will allow you a single entry or even access for a few years – if the visa officer allows you to.

You are at the place where you have what you think is a good sum of money stocked up in your account. You are mindful of the fact that your account must reflect clearly that this was built up over time and should ideally be the one that your monthly income is deposited into to account for the monies in this account. You know the officers will need to see your statements for the last 6 months. Timing is everything, you know.

As the day to make your application draws closer you painstakingly read through the laundry list of requirements: dimensions of the passport photograph/s, the details of the job letter, the bank statement, the sponsor letter (where applicable), copies of the pages of the applicant’s passport, the applicants itinerary, the application fee and hotel bookings among other elements depending on the country.

You check, double and triple check to ensure everything is accurate. You cough up 100, 150, 160 dollars or more, submit your application and hope for the best. You may need to go in for an interview. This means time off from work and the expense of travelling hours away to a consulate in some cases.

You do all you were asked to and you are told “I am sorry but your visa is not granted because you have not proven sufficient ties with your home country so we do not think you will leave country X if given a visa”.

Not a single cent is returned to you and you are left bereft as to why, after seeing that you have visited many other countries and returned home, why country X came to that decision.

Do you apply again? Is a visit to any country worth further hassle?

Do you move on to the next country on your list?

Do you give up on your dream of seeing the world and become jaded?

People from many developing countries go through this experience often. It is ironic that the supposed poorer people of the world pay more to have the privilege of being allowed to visit many of the beautiful sites dangled by the media, history textbooks and other sources.

Why we gotta pay more is it because we are perceived as poorer?

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