I visited the Ngorongoro Crater in August 2016 and the last post on The Serengeti is tied to this one, since they formed the safari I did. The drive down into this crater and up requires a skilful driver and a road worthy vehicle, please do not cut corners when choosing a company to go to this place. The camp site where I spent one night on the rim of the crater was chilly and I understand it always is. It does warm up in the day time though. Here are some of the wonderful images I captured.

ngorongoro craterThose hippos were having a ball rolling around in the grass and doing their business.

ngorongoro crater

How beautiful is this scene? I did not retouch these pictures in any shape or form.

ngorongoro crater

We spent some time waiting for her to hunt and she tried but her timing was poor. It is interesting that the animals do not get distracted by us. This is one reason why there aren’t any paved roads in the park.

ngorongoro crater

This pack was just chilling by the roadside for a while. Some of them were full based on the blood on their fur. They paid us no attention.

ngorongoro crater

Look at that beauty in all her majesty. My camera did good lol.

ngorongoro crater

Look at that face.


They were just lying there checking out would be prey and sunning themselves.

ngorongoro crater

Beautyngorongoro crater

dem wildebeest

ngorongoro crater                                                    They are living in harmony it seems.

ngorongoro crater                                                                That warthog getting it in

ngorongoro craterThese beauties

ngorongoro craterThis is my favourite shot cause it makes me think I’ve got skills. Aren’t they pretty?

Tipping Your Guide

I believe you should budget with a good tip in mind for the guide and the cook.They take care of you for the duration of the safari and though it is a job they are not paid enough. A safari is outstanding if you have a knowledgeable guide and a good cook who has tasty meals waiting after long drives. I am really happy i had a great guide who was also the driver on that steep road to the Ngorongoro Crater.

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