My Travel Sheet and I

travel essential

My travel essential is my trusty sheet.
It’s nothing fancy but it is clean, is my sheet, my core travel essential.

Why do you need a travel sheet you ask? Let me count its many ways:

1. I have germaphobe tendencies so it gives me peace of mind. It is a travel essential because after I have been flying for 10 or more hours, I need the comfort of sprawling out on something I know is clean. I am the person to run and get bleach and wash the bathroom and such if I am staying in a place for a few days.

travel essential
Sikandra, Agra – it’s a tomb

2. Since I don’t stay in fancy hotels (because budget life) you never know what will greet you because advertisements aren’t always what they purport to be. Thankfully, there are many cases where I don’t need to use it but it is a nice feeling to know I have it in my stuff.

3. My travel sheet is a piece of home and it helps to ground me as I go off into all of the unfamiliar. It is something I have had for 20 years and it helps me to relax as I get used to new lodgings and such.

4. My trusty travel essential is quite easy to roll into a ball to pack into my luggage. It dries quickly so I can wash it over and over again while travelling, I know where it has been and who has been lying on it 🙂

travel essential

5. The number one reason why my sheet is a travel essential is because it gives me comfort I need to know that I am laying myself down on a fresh fabric so I can relax, unwind and get some quality sleep to make the most of my time when I travel.

What travel essential do you tote around with you on your sojourns?

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