Money Spent on 4 Days in Ubud, Bali

Money spent on 4 days in Ubud, Bali

There is nothing like a great destination with affordable prices and Ubud, Bali is surely this.Bali is more than just beaches and Ubud showcases this well.

My breakfast was included in the cost of my hotel so it is excluded.

Let me give you the break down of how much I spent for each of the 4 full days I spent in Ubud from March 23-26, 2017:

Day One

money spent on 4 days in Ubud Bali
I ate at Warung Guari(a small local restaurant)everyday because the food was good, the service was excellent and it was only a few minutes walk from where I stayed.
Vegetable nasi goreng and papaya smoothie = 37,000 Indonesian Rupiah (around 3 USD)
Taxi rental for 4 hours = 400,000 (around 32 USD)
Entry to Tegallalang rice terraces=10,000 (around 80 cents)
Entry to Tegenungan Waterfall=10,000
3 Sweet sops and a fresh coconut = 35,000 (around 3 dollars USD)
Dinner at Kampung Cafe= 163,000- around 13 USD (The view is outstanding but the food did not match up, I do not know why many bloggers say the food is good, sponsorship eh!)
Peep the view
money spent on 4 days in Ubud Bali

Why delay, go to Bali and don’t miss Ubud!

money spent on 4 days in ubud Bali

Day Two

Lunch at Warung Guari:
Ginger tea
Omelette and bread = 27,000 (around 2 USD)
Starbucks = 75,000 (around)
Jackfruit = 50,000 (around)
Dinner= 100,000 (around)
Walk around Ubud town for hours = priceless

Day Three

Lunch at Warung Guari;
Vegetable nasi goreng
ginger tea
fruit salad = 50,000 (around 4 USD)
Taxi to church = 50,000
Burrito for dinner at Taco Casa=76,000
Taxi back to the hotel= 50,000

Day Four

Lunch at another Warung because my fave was closed:
Vegetable nasi goreng
fruit salad
hot chocolate = 50,000
fresh coconut = 25,000 (around 2.50 USD)
3 sweet sops = 15,000 (around 1.50 USD)
2 hours drive in the countryside= 250,000 (around 20 USD)
Dinner= 65,000 (around 5 USD))

Though I did not do a massage or go to the Monkey Forest and do some of the other touristy things, I saw the advertisements and nothing was more than 80,000 (around 7 USD))

You can get around much cheaper by renting a motor cycle for about 50,000 a day.

A friend came up to Ubud to visit and stayed in a hotel in town for 120,000 (around 10 USD) a night.She lives in Bali at the moment and says it is a great place to live.

My flight and accommodation were not in the ‘budget price’ category because I could not find a cheap fare on a low-cost carrier from Japan when I decided to book the trip.

Ubud is really affordable and even with a few excursions it won’t break the bank.

money spent on 4 days in Ubud Bali

Bali overall is good value for money. There is something for everyone. Do your research and go enjoy it if you can afford it.

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