Living my best life in Japan


One thing I appreciate very much is my church family here and my small group members. There is something about fellowshipping with a diverse body of believers that gives the feeling of being home. It is a great blessing be at a place where the word is taught well; in great detail and you can feel the love among us. I am living my best life with these people, here and now.

Our epic small group meeting on a Saturday goes anywhere from 3-4 hours. It is just the thing to help me sort through some things. I tell you! We study the word, chat, LOL, eat some good snacks – one host bakes the most delectable pastries – and pray for each other. My small group is often a balm for my tired mind many times. We do church, since it is not a place but the relationship a group of people foster based on our Lord.

Ironically, Japan is considered to be a very challenging place since there are few Christians. There are a good number of churches in Tokyo where one can get his or her praise on and fellowship. I am living my best life in Japan and my church family plays a big part. #blessed 🙂

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