June:The tax man cometh

Well he or she shows up every month to get income tax, unemployment, health and pension but June can be brutal like a meteoroid falling from the sky and leaving devastation in its wake.

The inhabitants/residence tax will shock the living daylights out of anyone who did not know of its existence. Many a newcomer to Japan has felt its sting and suffered from it taking all they had managed to stock away over a year.

This is one tax that sneaks up like a ninja and really gets you because the people in charge seem to never realize that this is something that one needs to prepare for and gird up their loins for – it can be a hefty tax running way over a $1,000 for many people.

Oh how I miss the golden years when all I needed to do was sign my name and it was covered. How nice it was when at my second job it was taken out in monthly installments like all other taxes so there was no massive bill showing up to give heart palpitations.

Now that I have to wait until this wonderful surprise is dropped off in my mail box in early June – every year- I am on tenterhooks until I rip open the envelope and rejoice that my projection was correct and I had been budgeting enough. YES! Can’t owe the tax man, won’t owe the tax man.

For a single lady like me without a dependent and being in a certain income bracket mean that for just this one tax alone, this one tax alone I have to shell out the equivalent of a nice vacation chillaxin’ somewhere. What to do? The tax man gotta be paid. Give to Caesar’s his bit and all that…

Phew too glad I have what to pay and they split in into 4 parts so it not so so painful.

Until next year again, I will spend time painstakingly calculating 10% of my take home after all the allowances and hope that my budgeting on course and this tax doesn’t show up and lick me fi six…



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