What’s the good life?

Is it one where everything is perfect?

Is it one where you feel happy 24 x 7 or have quiet, peaceful joy?

Is it the one where you find peace and rest in Jesus Christ our saviour through the storms of life?

Is it one where you are not the best you can be

loving, caring, kind, giving, forgiving, enduring,


Is it the one where you quiet your soul and learn to be content

when all around all is unwell?

Is it you being you, the best you daily and striving to be a better you tomorrow

forgiving, living, fellowshipping and building relationships?

Is it heaven on earth?

hell on earth and all the good times in between too?

What’s the good life?

It’s all the good, the bad, the ugly, the sad,

the pain, despair, lonely times,

undiluted joy, hope, peace,

healthy relationships

broken ones too

all wrapped up in all of you.

It’s bliss in the midst of the pain and joy in the pouring rain

and enduring peace from the Prince of peace

and faith in the one who is great, omniscient,

the great I am…



Rejoice Always

In this valley
all I see,
heartache, heartbreak and defeat
Be what may, rejoice
Give thanks for life
live in hope
it could always be worse than it feels
Rejoice and believe
new strength you gain
from every pain
Our God supplies
all our needs
he’s enough
trust and believe.