Falling in love with visa free countries

visa free countries

2016 is coming to a close and one firm decision I took this year was to explore visa free countries that have reciprocity with Jamaica – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Singapore – and allow visa free access for tourism purposes. I have set myself free from being in love with things in countries that do not return the love by having me jump through hoops to get a travel visa.

visa free countries

My Experience Travelling with Ease to Visa Free Countries

Jamaicans can visit quite a few countries without a visa or by getting a visa on arrival. I have taken advantage of this in Asia by visiting these visa free countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, The Philippines and Indonesia – I haven’t visited there yet but soon.

I am in love with the African continent and happy that a good number of countries there offer visa free travels for Jamaicans too. I have been to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana.

In the past I visited many locations because I was interested in them and the bonus is that they are visa free or offer a visa on arrival: Israel, Turkey and Jordan.

visa free countries

There are many countries in the Caribbean and South America that are visa free for Jamaicans. Many of them are on my list but since I live in Japan it is rather costly to get to them. My strategy will be to spend a month in summer or 3 weeks in December when I am on break exploring and getting more bang for my bucks. I am in a season where I will go exploring lands that do not swindle me so I can gain limited access to what they have on offer. There is beauty everywhere and I am excited at the new discoveries waiting for me in some places that were never on my list. I am making lemonade from some of life’s lemons to those of us born in a country with a less powerful passport…

Do You Need a Visa for Many Places You want to Visit?

There are just some things that can only be experienced in certain countries. If that is the case you have to plan and get your application in order for a visa and hope you will get it. Keep travelling.

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