Getting Through Those Long Haul Flights

enjoying long haul flights

Enjoying long haul flights isn’t always easy for everyone. You have been dreaming of going off to explore far flung places not thinking about just how lonnnng it takes to get to some of these places.

As a Jamaican living in Japan who flies home at least once a year, I can’t say those long haul flights are my favourite things in the world. Let me share some tips on how to get through and even enjoy long haul flights – I wish we could be beamed from place to place like on Star Trek.

Fellow Nervous Flyers

Check out all these videos on YouTube to get some useful tips from a variety of sources.

If flying gives you a panic attack you may just want to visit your doctor to get something to knock you out so you can get to enjoying long haul flights. You gotta do what you gotta do.

I pray, because I know that the one in whom I believe can do great and mighty things, so I pray. I also listen to soothing music and my playlist of favourite songs to calm myself down. In addition,I sleep on and off, watch movies, play games and focus on the things I am anticipating seeing and doing.

enjoying long haul flights

Enjoying Long Haul Flights Requires Some Prior Prep

1. Always have some reading materials on your kindle, phone, computer or a good ole paper book. There is
nothing like getting on a plane for hours and hearing the media system is down – prepare.If you wanna
enjoy those long hours in the sky, get to planning and prepping.

2. Wear comfy clothes. Ladies you need to leave the uncomfortable bras at home. I like wearing sports
bras because they do what you want them to and don’t dig into places that you don’t want being
‘digged’ into.

3. Get some compression stockings, keep the blood flowing well and remember to move around from time to
time too. Remember your scarf and/or sweater because planes are some frigid places. Also, if you are
into neck pillows have on on deck too so you enjoy your sleep.

4. Pack some of your favourite snacks – comfort food helps a lot with enjoying long haul flights. It’s
like you are in your own movie theatre, munch and watch some shows and let the hours roll by.

5. Refine your itinerary for the trip you are embarking on. Make/check your budget projections.

6. If you are a talker and you have someone sitting beside you who is the same; go to town.

7. Write a business plan, jot down plans for a project, think of gifts for others, sketch, work on a book
you have been wanting to write, write in your travel journey or be still and reflect…

8. Keep a bottle of water, lip balm and hand cream easily accessible. Nothing is as irritating as
cracking lips from the dry air because you placed your lip balm in your carry on in the overhead

9. Get your mind right days and even weeks before. Also, I highly suggest eating a good meal at the
airport or before getting there. With plane food you never know and you don’t want to be ‘hangry’.
This for sure is something you should do if you plan on enjoying long haul flights.

10. If you ballin’ then get a business class or first class ticket so you can stretch out and enjoy all
the amenities.

I am here putting these things into practice as I get ready to jet off on around 17 hours flying to my upcoming destination on my favourite continent. That’s all I have hope it serves someone well. Let me know in the comments what you thing. Go on and get to enjoying long haul flights.

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