Deciding Where to Travel To Next…

Deciding where to travel

Deciding where to travel to next is a great part of wander-lusting. Decisions decisions, I tell you; so many places to see and so little time and money.

deciding where to travel to
Sweet Sweet Jamaica, how pretty you are

The world is captivating. I am especially desirous of seeing as much as I can of the African continent. Oh I wish I could travel to the different countries there year by year…but I am balancing all this travelling with saving because being financially savvy is adulting well.

Travel Plans in the Pipeline

First up is my jaunt to Mexico, Peru and Columbia at some point in 2018. I am excited to see Macchu Picchu and visit my friend in Bogota. I need to start studying Spanish though because it is a necessity. Recently, access to Macchu Picchu has become more restricted so I see lots of time being put into researching all of that in the coming months. I enjoy delving into the background of a destination as I prepare for my sojourns there.If you are reading this and have any tips for me please comment and share. Muchas Gracias!

Deciding where to travel
New York, where Dreams are Made of…

Deciding where to travel to after that trip is a breeze. It will be time to get to western Africa since that’s where my roots lie. I know, I know, western Africa has quite a few countries. My sojourn in that part of Africa will start with Nigeria and Ghana. I have been desirous of going to these two countries for a long time but the way I am against applying for visas…anyway I am preparing my mind and money to tackle all of that.

Wanderlust is real so I am sure that there may be some jaunts to countries near to Japan to stave off the desperation 🙂

How do you decide where to travel next after gallivanting all over?

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