You say I am an aggressive woman and all I hear is that you are weak-willed, intimidated, jealous and have problems with your self worth.

Why is aggressive the go to term when describing women and not passionate, driven or assertive?

Why the stereotyping and piling on of baggage?

Confident women are often labelled as strong and aggressive? Does this offend you as a woman? Do you get defensive and instinctively subject the speaker to a blistering response or do you go silent?

confident women are strong and aggressive
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I have been labelled as a strong and aggressive woman a couple of times by men and once by a shrinking violet.(and you know she got the eye)

We confident women who are stereotyped as being strong and aggressive need to safeguard ourselves and protect our self-confidence.

Aggressive women are those who speak up and champion their passion.
Aggressive women make strides as they use their motivation for their craft to get things done, be heard and eek out even the most grudging of respect from peers and colleagues.

Confident women, when you are called aggressive, embrace it as a good thing. Don’t buy into the negative connotation the labeller attaches to you via this word. TURN IT AROUND. Own it!

You are building your confidence, focus on this and filter out the labellers. Many still expect you to be silent, speak when spoken to or in a bare whisper with a questioning and uncertain tone to stroke their egos.

Confident women are strong and aggressive

Confident women termed strong and aggressive don’t see themselves like this. We see ourselves as assertive and goal oriented.

In the act of fulfilling our purpose and building bridges in our spheres of authority there are those who want to tell us all we are doing is building walls. Don’t get lost in the comments. Reflect, yes and learn from constructive criticism. Be discerning and practice to know how to weed out those who want to build you up and those who want to tear you ALL the way down.

Confident women – yes you and you and you- who are called strong and aggressive. Examine who is saying this. Think of the relationship you have with this person. Assess how and when this is said to you? Also, listen out for if the person criticising gives you constructive feedback on how to improve. Be shrewd and savvy and know who is trying to help you up instead of pull you down.

Confident women keep on keeping on and keep checking your hearts in the process to ensure you are not putting others down, in anyway and rise.

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