Comfortable Cities for Blacks in Asia

comfortable place for blacks in Asia

There are some comfortable cities for blacks in Asia. Comfort in my view is based on many people not staring, fawning over you like a movie star or running away from you because of your (black) skin colour. I have visited my fair share of cities in Asia and there are some that are more comfortable, for me as a black person, than others.

My Subjective List of Comfortable Cities for Blacks in Asia


comfortable cities for blacks in asia
Nobody gives you a second glance because you are black. You can freely enjoy sightseeing and doing all the other things that other visitors do without being treated like an alien. I have been there twice and it was actually strange no one gave me a second glance. This is one of the most comfortable cities for blacks in Asia.One reason for this maybe the fact that there are many brown people in Singapore. Also there are quite a number of expats there.


comfortable cities for blacks in asia
No one stared at me. I actually had to pinch myself. It was awesome to just go from place to place and just be. I remember the old lady who I sat beside on a park bench who gave me a candy and smiled. I also remember the family I ran into at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall pictured above.It was during the Christmas season and they took time to meet me on two different days and showed me around the city. The mother also made me a very delicious dish. Taipei gets my vote for being one of the most comfortable cities for blacks in Asia.


comfortable cities for blacks in asia
I am in love with Sri Lanka and I admit I may be biased because I visited a friend there twice and her family and friends became mine. Colombo and Sri Lanka generally, I found were comfortable places to travel. There are many brown people there as was also the case in India but I got mad stares there. It is a great place for those who like outdoor activities, great scenery and awesome food. I highly recommend Nuwara Eliya, Kandy and Galle among other places.

Kuala Lumpur

comfortable cities for blacks in asia
KL is cool.I have visited a few times and enjoyed that I could go about my business without people staring at me all bugged eye.There are some interesting things to do around the city and it is a gateway to some great places in the country where you can enjoy nature, adventure activities and some great food.

Siem Reap

comfortable cities for blacks in asia
This for me is one of the comfortable cities for blacks in Asia. Yes, it may not be a big city and all but it is a great place. I thought the same of Phnom Penh. Comfort as I said before, is when no one stares or freaks out because I am black. Since Siem Reap gets many visitors I am sure this helps.I quite enjoyed Angkor Wat and going around Siem Reap.


comfortable cities for blacks in asia
it hot … baaad…

Of course Bangkok would be on the list. It is a place that one should visit even once. There is much to see and do and many have blogged about this city. The attention I and many other visitors get is not because of colour but because someone may be trying to con you. It is wonderful, exciting and filled with great food but be on your guard.


I went over for a week to enjoy some tropical fruits that I can’t get here in Japan like jackfruit and fresh coconut water.It was great. Other places in the country are great for adventure sports, diving and enjoying nature
comfortable cities for blacks in asia

Other Cities in Asia I have visited

China: Shanghai, Beijing and Xian
Stares and more stares and people randomly snapping my pictures everywhere and everyday – not comfortable

Hong Kong – I have been there more than 4 times. Being randomly stopped and checked every time while people of other colour waltz on by every time – not comfortable

India: Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Jodphur, Jaisalmer, Agra and Chennai
Chennai was fine but in the other cities, stares for days and snickers and such from people as dark as me…sigh

Vientiane, Laos -I had a very nasty episode with the owner of a hotel I staye din who told me about my blackness – not comfortable.

Vietnam: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
Hanoi was alright sometimes…

South Korea: Seoul and Busan
Many stares and such…

I say visit all the cities you can in Asia but if you are worried about being treated weirdly start off with those above, thicken your skin and go exploring. We can only educate others by being present. Do it with a friend or family member or a group. I solo travel for the most part but I visited quite a few of these places with a friend and it helped to laugh some of the weird stuff off.

black in asia

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  1. Interesting read! I’m planning to visit Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in a few months so it’s great to know that it won’t be an uncomfortable experience.

    1. Thanks for your comments on the pics from Ubud. Yep, you should enjoy Singapore and KL. I have been to both like 3 times and if there are stares it won’t be from the natives. Ubud is cool too, the people are super nice.

  2. I visited Soith Africa last year and again this year, I fell in love. I have decided to focus my travels on the African continent for a while. Although ther are parts of South America and Asia that I have business in in the next year. I would like to be a part of the majority and not the minority. No place is perfect but , iI also enjoy contibuting to their economy

    1. South Africa is awesome right? I hope you get to explore as much of the African continent as you can and contribute to the local economy. That is near and dear to my heart. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and all the best.