Getting Through Those Long Haul Flights

enjoying long haul flights

Enjoying long haul flights isn’t always easy for everyone. You have been dreaming of going off to explore far flung places not thinking about just how lonnnng it takes to get to some of these places. As a Jamaican living in Japan who flies home at least once a year, I can’t say those long […]

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3 Reasons Why Everyone’s Travel Experience is Unique

unique travel

Unique travel experiences are just what each trip or sojourn offers to us who seek them. Yep, we can read, research and plan as much as we want but we can’t replicate other people’s experiences. That’s one of the great things about travelling -creating all those unique travel memories. Here are 3 reasons why everyone […]

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Travel on a Whim

travel on a whim

Wanderlust is calling and sometimes this means travelling on a whim. Is it really spontaneous though if you have been dreaming of experiencing this destination for a while? I tried fighting it but as a friend said the travel bug has bitten… It is an awesome blessing to be able to go with the flow […]

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