Budget Travel by Bus Around Eastern Africa


Budget travel by bus around eastern Africa is a great way to see some bits of how the locals live. Last summer I finally went to a few places in east Africa and used the bus in my budget travels there. The trip started in Dar es Salaam and ended in Kampala. I stopped at […]

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Why Don’t More Jamaicans Travel Far and Wide Across the Globe?

stereotypes of Jamaicans

Trekking across the globe and soaking up all the world has to offer is a luxury. We, who travel are privileged. Even those of us who have to get a visa for almost anywhere. Jamaicans need one for many places. Many people will not be able to enjoy this experience because of the simple fact […]

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Teach English Abroad in Asia and Travel

It is great to travel and have new experiences but the cost adds up fast. Do you dream of exploring the world? Ok, maybe not the world per se but some countries that have been calling out to you for months, years even. Many people use the myriad of opportunities available in many countries across […]

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