Dry, dusty, picturesque and ahm…phallic is what comes to mind when I think back on Cappadocia. I mean the majestic structures carved out by elements of nature are just something else.

It was pretty hot since I went in August but I enjoyed it immensely. The most memorable thing was a day tour I did to see all the sites and hear about this awesome outdoor museum.


I initially had no plans to visit but when I was doing my planning for my trip to that region and saw the breathtaking pictures I simply had to go and revel in its magnificence. it is worth experiencing especially for history buffs and photographers.

I stayed at a hostel and interestingly the owner was a local guy married to a Japanese lady. He often visits Japan so we had great conversations about Japan over home cooked meals.I also enjoyed two different hiking trips in the desert to enjoy the scenery. It is dusty so prepare a bandana.


It is a nice quiet place to spend a few days doing outdoor activities when it is not too cold or too hot. It is rather remote but perfect to just lay back and enjoy the beauty of nature. I flew there from Istanbul with Turkish Air and it was not too expensive.


Some Activities to Enjoy in Cappadocia

Hot Air Balloon Rides
I did not partake of this since it was not in my budget at the time. It seems like a fun activity though.

Photo Safari
As you can see Cappadocia is very picturesque.


Stay in a cave hotel

Visit the underground cities

Take pictures, kick back and relax.


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