Building My Treasure Chest of Memories:Students becoming friends

Nothing makes a teacher’s heart happy like great students who remember him or her  even after they graduate.

I am blessed with a great, wonderful, awesome set of students who I met on the first day I ventured into a school in rural kanto to do my demo lesson, for a job I thought I wouldn’t have gotten, though more than qualified for. They were a dream and it was as if I had been engaging with them for months – even the interviewers remarked on this. They were special to me from the get go and it will be hard to top that.

We went through some things after I started teaching them I tell you. Ironically, the young miss who grew closest to me was full of sass but never rude. I admired how she championed her classmates who were running up into the strictest teacher of their lives. Sparks flew and blossomed into grudging respect and thereafter mad respect and mutual understanding.

So here we are years later and they have just graduated with their IB diplomas in hand, some have started university here in Tokyo or other places in Japan and some are getting ready to jet off to the US, Canada and England. I am too proud just like a mom seeing her chicks getting ready to leave the roost.

It made my heart sing when they came down to Tokyo last November to have dinner and hang out with me after I kinda ran out on them – they were so understanding and forgiving. We spent hours last Friday just chillaxin’ and catching up. Imagine them sharing about their precious moments with me. It twas great. So we will meet again for a send off for those going to far off lands in gaikoku (foreign countries) and they will get a chance to come and have some Jamaican food at my place which they are so excited about.

I love, love teaching and it is a joy to know my calling found me and that it goes beyond books and papers and have kids who grow so much that they greet me with hugs in a place where hardly anybody hugs…My heart is happy.

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  1. ‘My heart sings’ brings a huge grin on my face…so happy you found your purpose girlfriend!

  2. ‘My heart sings’ brings a huge grin on my face…so happy you found your purpose girlfriend!