Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly Eats in Tokyo

budget restaurants in Tokyo for vegans

Budget restaurants in Tokyo for vegans, do they exist,you ask. They sure do and they also offer some sumptuous foods. Let me share 3 spots that are good for lunch or an early dinner since they close by 9pm.

These 3 restaurants are in Omotesando. It is a very trendy section of Tokyo that many visitors explore. Any of these places are great to have a filling and affordable lunch.

I am not saying these are the only and best/top three budget restaurants in Tokyo for vegans.They are best suited for people with a budget of 10-15 USD for lunch (yes ‘budget’ in Tokyo means mid range in other places in South East Asia). They are also great options for people travelling in a group since they offer options for people who aren’t vegan or vegetarian.

I have eaten at these places with friends who are vegans and I am vegetarian myself.

So here goes my three recommendations of budget restaurants in Tokyo for Vegans

Mr. Farmer

budget restaurants in Tokyo for vegans
the entry way is so whimsical and vibrant with many herbs growing away in pots

You can enjoy everything from freshly blended smoothies to a juicy vegan burger here. The prices can add up but the food is just so filling and tasty…yum! yum! Best of all are the vegan desserts which are hard to come by in Tokyo.

budget restaurants in Tokyo for vegans
This delectable burger was like a party of flavours in my mouth. It is bigger than it appears and oh so juicy.

See the menu in the link for the different options and locations around Tokyo.

Salad Stop is another budget restaurant in Tokyo for vegans. I like that you can build your salad and you get quite a few options. They chop them all up, add the dressing of your choice and serve you up a good size bowl of good health it feels like. Like Mr. Farmer they allow you to fill up on water infused with lemons and such.

budget restaurants in Tokyo for vegans
How can you not stop for a salad when you see that sign?

Crayon House is the best bang for your buck at lunch time since it is buffet style. Monday’s are best for vegans since that is the meatless day though there are vegan options daily.

budget restaurants in Tokyo for vegans
quirky and cool

This is also a great place to buy organic vegetables and other products at a good price.

Check these options out if you visit and let me know your thoughts.

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