Black, Bold and Beautiful

black, bold and beautiful

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. (Psalm 139:14 NIV)

We, black women live in a world that tries to define our worth:
you’re skin is too dark so you’re not beautiful
you’re too fat, thick, fluffy etc. so you’re not beautiful
you’re hair is too nappy or kinky so you’re not beautiful
you’re angry, mad and loud mouthed so you’re not beautiful
this and that survey say you’re the least desirable…

Shut off the noise as my dad often says
Little black girl, black women filter the images you have ministering to your soul
Feed yourself, your children and grandchildren healthy life giving words and images
Nobody can tell me anything – am I conceited? probably
I guard my mind and I am vigilant about what seeps into my consciousness.
I am black, bold and beautiful.

I have been blessed to grow up with strong women, loved and cared for well by strong men
My mother is well loved by my father
My grandmothers were well loved by their husbands – my grandfathers
My aunts and cousins are well loved by their husbands
I celebrate knowing beautiful, bold black women in all hues who know their worth

So now around me, I am not the image of beauty, thats alright cause all that glitters ain’t gold
Self love is worth the time and effort it takes to cultivate
Do things that make you happy and give you that perfect peace that passes all understanding
Engage in self care, don’t wait on anybody to fulfil you
Be intentional about being bold, black and beautiful – inside and outside
Live this life golden you hear.

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