The biggest disadvantage of travelling in peak periods is the fact that you may never get a picture with just you and whatever monument or thing you want to memorialize. There are always going to be multiple people in your pictures- it can be a bit annoying.

Stand out in the Crowd

Use the crowd as a backdrop and stand in the center so you or your group are the focal point of the picture. You can also do something out of the ordinary like jumping or a dramatic pose.

The biggest disadvantage of travelling in peak periods

Getting a picture with only you in front of the Louvre for example in summer is next to impossible.

Zoom in

Zoom in and capture elements you want and cut others out. This works for taking pictures of small features or portrait shots with iconic buildings. Focus on those that are easily recognisable even with a portion cut off.

The biggest disadvantage of travelling in peak periods

This works better with some things than others, getting the perfect picture with just you or just a monument is the biggest disadvantage of travelling in peak periods. I love reliving my trips by looking at the pictures.The ones with loads of people in them are always the ones taken at a super popular spot in peak season.

Visit the Area or Monument Late at Night or Very Early in the Morning

I really wanted to see Trevi Fountain because I had been dreaming of going there forever. When I got there in the day time this greeted me:
The biggest disadvantage of travelling in peak periods

I got up at 5 a.m the next morning and got a shot with just me and the fountain – and that water bottle too HAHA:

biggest disadvantage of travelling in peak periods
Rome, Italy

YAY! I was happy.

Discover less Popular Touristy Places

Many places offer big and small wonders around every corner. They may not be iconic, just yet, but they add to the richness of the experience of being in a new place. In these areas there are usually not a throng of people forming the backdrop to your photos.

I really enjoyed Prague for example. Some of the pictures I took without a bunch of people in them, were against the backdrop of some magnificent sites that were not oh so popular.
biggest disadvantage of travelling in peak periods

A quite street in the Old City in Jerusalem worked just as well as many of the popular ones.
biggest disadvantage of travelling in peak periods

As a teacher I am often only able to travel during peak periods,so,I am always thinking of how to get great pictures. I hope these tips help someone who may get frustrated by this.

How do you deal with this without resorting to photoshopping your pictures?

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2 thoughts on “The Biggest Disadvantage of Travelling in Peak Periods”

  1. The biggest disadvantge for me is the price haha so much cheaper to travel off peak! It can be annoyingly when a place is super busy though, but some of best places to is it are.
    Maya Not Mya

    1. Maya, I feel on that but sometimes there is no getting away from that. We just have to enjoy a destination and make the best of challenges. Thanks for commenting and linking your blog.

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