You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are

beautiful just the way you are

You are beautiful just being you,
It sounds cliche but it’s true
Travels take me to many corners of the world and I see beautiful people and things everywhere.
Why then only a singular standard of beauty promoted far and wide
and cause so many to wonder why
they aren’t beautiful too.
A google search of beautiful women shows you these images.
The same ones paraded before you on tv, instagram, your fave youtubbers, the ones you focus on
How then do you see that you are beautiful too?
Unique, sculptured masterfully and wonderfully
Are you just your body type?
skinny, fat, average, slim, chubby, slender, athletic and the like?
Do we nurture our minds and our souls the same we shape our brows,
corset our waists,
carefully style our hair,
painstakingly select our wears,
contour, blend, bake, make our faces
Why don’t you believe you are beautiful just the way you are?
Why hate your size, your hips, your thighs, your nose too wide
double eyelids you dream of, palest lily white skin you cream of
booty too flat you tell yourself, boobies much too small you want them swell
skin too pale you pine for a tan, stringy hair looking so blah…
As you pursue you lose you
Never content, at peace running down some trend
But you are beautiful,just you
Open your eyes and look inside, love who you see and truly know beauty resides in you.

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  1. I absolutely love this!! It’s a great reminder to not compare yourself to others and to love you for who you are.

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