Why You Should Add an African Safari to Your Bucket List

African safari

Is doing an African safari on your list? I hope so. If not, why not?

Ok, I know African safaris can be expensive but you need to explore different options.

Doing a safari in the Serengeti can be pricey, true but you could do a safari much cheaper in the Maasai Mara. Hostels offer good prices especially for solo travellers wanting to join a group.

African safara
The sun peaking over the horizon in the Seregeti

Add an African Safari to Your Bucket List to Enjoy the Animals in Their Habitats

Seeing some of the animals up close is so much better that looking at them at a zoo. They are free to roam, hunt and just be. There is no better way to see them and learn about their habits. I highly suggest doing safaris in areas that are protected so that the animals are not disturbed to accommodate us.

In addition, you can learn about different animals that you didn’t even know existed. There are so many colourful birds and even the plants are worth learning about. Do you know that some animals hang out with giraffes because they have tall necks to see other animals who hunt them and alert the others – interesting facts.

African safari
Some animals live in harmony and help each other to survive

There are Many Countries on the African Continent that Facilitate Safaris

You can kill two birds with one stone. If you visit Tanzania, you can do a safari for a few days then go to somewhere like Zanzibar to relax on a beach before going home – more bang for your buck.

Do you know that some countries offer you a better chance of seeing certain animals up close? Rwanda and Uganda are the places you go to if you want the do a safari where you see and follow gorrillas. Do shop around and read reviews on the best tour operator to go with.

Are you someone who enjoys being on the water? Then a river safari may just be the thing for you. A Chobe River Safari is worth exploring and since it is a hop, a skip and a jump from the Zambian border you can dash over and enjoy Victoria Falls. I did this many years ago and it was one of the most affordable safaris that you can do in a few hours.

African safari
Poised for action!

Experience the ‘Big 5’ Up Close and Personal

Well you are likely to see some members of the ‘the big 5’ or you may see all of them. The longer your safari is, the greater your chance of seeing them. You will see loads of other animals who are just as beautiful and majestic, so keep an open mind. The thrill of driving like mad to go see an animal that doesn’t rear its head much is wild. A knowledgeable guide is a big plus and many of them take pride in having you see what they see over and over – love it!

African safari
sometimes you gotta stand on the back of giants

Gift yourself an African safari. If you are thinking about it or if it crossed your mind because of this post, go for it. If you are a solo traveller join a group, shop around and get the best price for you. A safari is perfect for everyone, singles, couples, extended families, friends etc. Go for it.

African safari
so cute and cuddly but don’t cross her

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